Cortni Cooper
Vicksburg, Mississippi

She’s had some highs and even some lows but Cortni Cooper isn’t letting anything stop her march into greatness. The charismatic, bubbly junior…your Miss Alcorn State University elect…has battled through and recovered from a torn ACL and menisci not once but twice. Not the type to let something like this keep her down, Cortni plans to use her experience to help others as a physical therapist.

Why Alcorn? ?
I wanted to experience an HBCU. Alcorn had such a family-oriented environment. I fell in love with the campus during my visit as a freshman in high school.

What made you decide to major in your field? ?
I chose biology | pre-physical therapy because I love people and I love to encourage others. Twice I had to receive physical therapy for a torn ACL and menisci. My experiences will help me empathize with my patients. I will literally know the pain they are going through both physically and mentally.

What are you involved in at Alcorn? outside of Alcorn? ? On campus, I play for the Lady Braves Basketball team. I am a member of Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity, Golden Key International Honour Society, Mortar Board, and Chosen Generation Ministry. I am also the 2014-2015 Miss Alcorn State University elect.

Outside of Alcorn, I am a member of the House of Peace Church in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Every year I volunteer at the Salvation Army in my hometown.

What has been your best memory at Alcorn? My best memories at Alcorn would have to be my experiences on the Lady Braves Basketball team. I have learned so much – mentally, emotionally, especially physically – transitioning from high school to college-level sports – how to love in spite of, how to endure no matter the circumstances and how to fight for what I believe in!

Who’s the best faculty you’ve ever had and why? ?
The best faculty I have ever had is my microbiology instructor Darryl Grennell. He is very knowledgeable about the subject he teaches; he really has a passion for what he does; and he is here to help students. He never dismisses any student who reaches out to him for help. Not only that, but his teaching style is amazing.

Who inspires you and why? ?
The women in my family inspire me because most of them are single mothers who have succeeded despite of their circumstances. Seeing what they’ve accomplished even in the midst of hardships has motivated me to fight through the adversities that come my way. Not only that, but the wisdom they share has helped me to become who I am today.

What do you plan to do when you graduate? ? I plan to enroll in the physical therapy program at UMMC and work towards receiving a doctorate.

Why does “Knowledge and Character” matter? ?
Knowledge and character show the distinctive mental and moral qualities of an individual. They reveal the true identity of our very being – who we are is defined through our character and what we know is exemplified through our knowledge.

Do you have any advice to others who might want to attend Alcorn? Seek wisdom from the wise, those who have “been there and done that”…It is better to have an idea or a vision than it is to have no idea or no vision at all…No question is ill advised…Seek and you shall find.

You’d be surprised to know that….closed mouths do not get fed! Just kidding but you would be surprised at how much you can learn if you reach out and ask questions.

Words to live by: Faith without works is dead…and you live, you love and you learn.