Alcorn professor attends Study Abroad Program

Finance professor Dr. Benedict A. Udemgba was chosen by a number of his colleagues at Alcorn’s Business School for the study abroad program in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark from June 8-20.

The Professional Development in International Business, also known as PDIB, Scandinavia faculty study abroad program is sponsored by the Robert Wang Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and the University of Memphis under the CIBER-HBCU Consortium. Dr. Udemgba spent one week at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden studying Corporate Social Responsibility activities and the second week at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark where sustainability is their business.

The PDIB trip allowed Dr. Udemgba the opportunity to visit several conglomerate firms both in Sweden and Denmark to observe how they use cooperative strategy to generate new innovations and unlocking new ideas with potential benefits for global growth. Dr. Udemgba visited IKEA, MAERSK, World Wildlife Fund, ERICSSON, SCANDIC, and H&M.

Dr. Udemgba cannot wait to teach his classes all that he learned.

“The knowledge gained from this study abroad program will be incorporated in my courses, especially when it comes to sustainability,” said Udemgba. “The collaborative efforts between profit and nonprofit organizations and the benefits that could accrue from them will be integrated in class presentations. Administrators, faculty and staff can benefit from the experience via conversations and other media outlets when deemed necessary.”

Dr. Udemgba has been teaching finance courses at Alcorn and he attended the 2012 workshop in International Finance sponsored by the University of Memphis CIBER. CIBERS were created by Congress under the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1998 to increase and promote the nation’s capacity for international understanding and competitiveness. The CIBER network links the manpower and technological needs of the United States business community with the international education, language training, and research capacities of universities across the country.

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