Looking Good: McNair has full confidence in Alcorn's Quarterbacks

Years ago when defensive coordinator at the University of Memphis, Jay Hopson came calling on the offensive coordinator at Mt. Olive High School, Fred McNair, for recruits, neither had an inkling of their future destiny at Alcorn.

Hopson, when hired as Alcorn's head football coach, recruited McNair to serve as the assistant head football and quarterbacks coach. And guess, we can say, the rest is history.

Coming off a successful 9-3 season last year, McNair coached quarterback John Gibbs Jr. to his best passing season. Gibbs completed 201 of 354 passes for 2,567 yards and 21 touchdowns. Let's not forget that Gibbs is also able to move around, he rushed for 455 yards and scored four touchdowns.

And there's no quarterback controversy says McNair, “Gibbs will start,” August 30 when the Alcorn Braves football team opens its 2014 season at home against Virginia University at Lynchburg.

“Competition is great,” says McNair as he describes the potential of quarterbacks LeNorris Footman and Tavares Johnson Jr. “It's Gibbs' job to keep his position. I encourage players to work hard because hard work pays off. You must compete for the job you want.”

McNair sets high expectations for his quarterbacks.

“We are a team within a team, understanding that competition is necessary and every one must be prepared and ready to play on game day when called upon.”

McNair acknowledged that he has to remind Gibbs to slow down and trust in his abilities, knowing that he has made tremendous strives reading zone defenses while continually increasing his knowledge of the game.

“Gibbs knows this offense and does a great job. The players trust Gibbs and have a lot of confidence in him,” added McNair.

Winning where it matters is important. McNair requires his quarterbacks to be of good character to work just as hard to be a leader on-and-off the field.

As a hands on coach, McNair enjoys teaching and practicing skills with the quarterbacks. He admits that his temperament and demeanor is often misjudged.

For McNair, preparation is key and he's confident the quarterbacks are ready to help the Braves take the SWAC.

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