Beunkka Davis hopes new organization will excite students

The betterment of mass communications students at Alcorn State University is the reason why senior and Wisconsin native by way of Indianola, Miss. Beunkka Davis started a budding new project.

“The idea for the organization was to help us build more practical skills and hands-on learning,” said Davis.

Davis started the organization called Diverse Intervention Creative Expression (D.I.C.E) during the fall semester last year. D.I.C.E. produces a weekly radio and television show for the campus stations 91.7 FM on Thursdays at 7 p.m. The television show that is expected to air on ASU TV-13 is still in the works. The 11-member organization is open for all students to join and will raise money to benefit the Department of Mass Communications.

“We also want to receive some revenue to help us get supplies such as tape recorders, notepads and other things that we may need in our field.”

The organization’s objective is to produce a product that informs the students in a way that relates to them.

“We will be giving news, weather, school information and more in a manner that will reach this new generation. We integrate social media into our platform to make it more fun and entertaining for the youth.”