The Brave Kids Club boost kids interaction with Alcorn Athletics

Director of Athletic Development Larry Smith hopes that his new child friendly program will get kids living in areas adjacent to Alcorn State University excited about Alcorn athletics.

“We want to do something different for our kids that will get them excited about our school,” said Smith, who is the program organizer. “Once the other kids see the participants interacting with the coaches and players, they would become interested as well and join the program. I think this will have a great impact.”

The Brave Kids Club is a program that allows children ages 10-12 to get involved with Alcorn State University athletic programs. The participants will have the chance to interact with different coaches and student athletes. During football season, the kids will go onto the football field with the cheerleaders to assist them in cheering the Braves on. The kids in the program will get to experience every sport from football to soccer. The program’s first year kicked off on August 30.

Even though the program is geared toward students participating in athletics, Smith hopes that the kids also get a feel for what it’s like to be on a college campus.

“It will show the kids what being in a college atmosphere is all about. With them being around college students and seeing how Alcorn State University works, it will encourage them to further their education here in the future. So we’re using this as a recruiting opportunity as well.”

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