New Alcorn program formed to create student leaders

During Student Government Association freshman election, Alcorn State University Director of Student Engagement Devina Hogan saw plenty of students turned down for titles on SGA. She also realized the potential of those students, which inspired her to create something specifically for them.

“There were so many great candidates who would be excellent servant leaders. However, they weren’t declared the victors of the freshman class. Should that stop them from being further developed as leaders? Absolutely not, which is why Leadership Alcorn was birthed,” said Hogan.

Leadership Alcorn, which started in August, is the newly created student organization that is advised by the Office of Student Engagement. The organization is geared toward freshmen at Alcorn, offering them leadership development skills and opportunities.

“Our main focus is to better prepare them for leadership opportunities in SGA, Greek life, and as student ambassadors as they matriculate here at Alcorn.”

Hogan feels that catching students during their first year of college is the best way to mold them into ideal leaders.

“This organization will truly mentor, transform and help develop their leadership skills. As freshmen, they’re looking to belong and find themselves. We, as administrators, must be proactive in the development of our students versus being reactive when things happen.”

The leadership program will increase more awareness of the student code of conduct, giving future student leaders necessary information that needs to be spread to prevent unacceptable behavior.

“Most freshmen come in not knowing university rules or guidelines as it relates to the student code of conduct. The students of Leadership Alcorn will take an active role in educating their classmates on such topics to help prevent code of conduct violations,” said Hogan

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