Alcorn State University psychology majors gain hands-on experience at conference

Alcorn State University is consistent in providing opportunities for its students to reach their full potential.

Seven of Alcorn’s psychology department’s brightest young minds attended the Mississippi Counseling Association’s annual conference for Professional Counselors from November 5-7 in Jackson, Miss. The conference focused on mental health issues while giving the students a chance to assist conference staff with the implementation of conference activities. The students attended different presentations and met professionals in the counseling and psychology community.

Psychology instructor Dr. LaShawn Thompson believes that the students’ hands-on experience will be beneficial to them on their journey to pursuing a career in their field.

“The conference allowed the students to envision their future,” said Thompson. “Many of the students in attendance have a goal of becoming a Licensed Practicing Counselor. Interacting with people who have already achieved this goal helps the students see that their goals are tangible and obtainable.”

Dr. Thompson said that the conference gave the students another way of learning valuable information about the psychology field. She was pleased with how both the conference’s goals aligned with those of her students.

“I am sure that the conference helped the students grow both academically and professionally. The students were professional as they represented Alcorn. I could tell that the students were connecting the information they learned through course material with the information they were learning at the conference. The goal of the event was to expose the students to an alternative learning experience. I believe we immensely exceeded this goal.”

Senior psychology major and Los Angeles, Calif. native Raven Stewart feels that the experience helped her gain valuable knowledge that will prepare her for a career in counseling.

“The conference gave me significant insight into the counseling profession,” said Stewart. “It gave me an opportunity to meet a number of impactful counselors with considerable and valuable insight.”

Junior psychology major and Carson, Miss. native Justin Knight was pleased with the opportunity to network and make important connections for potential employment in the future.

“The best part of this experience was getting the opportunity to meet and make connections with professionals who are in the field,” said Knight. “I didn’t know what I would do with my degree after college, but after the conference, I am confident in my future.”

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