Social Media Responsibility: It’s about more than just minding your manners

Social media. It’s not your world. It’s your brand, according to Alcorn’s Vice President for Marketing and Communication Clara Ross Stamps, who spoke at Tougaloo College Educational Opportunity Center’s Fall Leadership Conference on Nov. 12 in Jackson, Miss., about social media responsibility.

This year’s conference theme, “Producing Ideas to Change the World,” celebrated and explored the power of higher education as a valuable resource to help individuals produce life-changing ideas for themselves and society.

For Tougaloo’s Assistant Director Chiquita Minor Hampton, social media can sometimes be a difficult topic to discuss with both students and adults.

“Everyone feels that social media is a platform for personal expression and communication with people you decide to accept in your world,” said Hampton. “Mrs. Stamps’ presentation was excellent, creative and informative. I learned you must know the law and that hate speech is not free speech. I am inspired and optimistic about establishing my brand and I will always THINK before I take action on any social media outlet.”

“Always THINK, is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspirational? Is it necessary? Is it kind,” recalls conference attendee Torey Phillips. “Great advice during the entire presentation—at birth I was given a name—and as I live, I’m building my brand. We all have a responsibility to be responsible while participating in the world of social media.”

Stamps encouraged conference attendees to strategize while engaging in social media.

“Yes, it is extremely important to mind your manners at all times, especially while connecting with the world via the internet,” said Stamps. “What’s more, social media is not just about having a presence. You must have a communication and engagement strategy.”

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