Alcorn State-Penn State BRIDGES scholars visit Alcorn’s campus

Five ASU-PSU BRIDGES scholars who are now in different phases of their doctoral Program at Penn State University visited Alcorn State University during homecoming celebrations to meet students and faculty at Alcorn.

The visitors were Shawntawnee Collins '08 and '10, Archie Taylor '08 and '10, Jammal James '08 and '10, Melanie McReynolds '08 and '10 and Kerry Belton '11.

All five Alcorn alumni visited several classrooms, old friends, faculty and staff while they were on campus. All of them made research presentations to students and faculty members. Their visit persuaded students to become enthused in transitioning into a graduate program after receiving their undergraduate degree.

Several students showed interest in enlisting in the BRIDGES program.

CO-Director of the Bridges Dr. Bettaiya Rajanna expects more students to take advantage of the benefits that the BRIDGES program has to offer next year.

"By the end of spring 2015, a total of 11 ASU alumni will receive the benefits of the program,” said Rajanna.

Rajanna said that by the end of summer 2015, the current BRIDGES would end. Currently, both Alcorn State and Penn State have made a new application for continuation of this great program.

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