Agricultural Research Seminar Series: Alcorn Experiment Station

The Alcorn State University Agricultural Research Seminar Series first installment in 2015 featured an overview of the Alcorn Experiment Station, presented by station director Dr. Patrick E. Igbokwe.

The seminar, held on Jan. 27, encompassed the principles of agricultural research and provided participants with definitions of the relevant terminology of the field. An outline of the procedures used by the experiment station’s faculty and staff were given, helping participants understand how they analyze both quantitative and qualitative data gathered at the Station during experimental procedures.

The mission of the Experiment Station is to conduct research, provide cooperative extension services, and improve the socioeconomic conditions and quality of life of limited resource farmers in Mississippi.

“Our objective is to investigate the economic merits of sustainable production of alternative crops and animals. Ideally, we hope to discover new knowledge to aid our beneficiaries,” said Igbokwe. “Essentially, we aim to seek answers to the problems faced by limited-resource farmers and rural dwellers in southwestern Mississippi. Through our efforts, we enhance their income potential and quality of life, as well as provide hands-on experience in the form of part-time employment for our students.”

Throughout the seminar, Igbokwe highlighted the objectives, products developed, and accomplishments of the Experiment Station, focusing on cultivar trials conducted on blackberries, blueberries, muscadine, strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, and peanuts. He gave the audience some insight into row preparation practices, cropping systems, planting dates, as well as pest and weed control practices and also mentioned the “value-added” endeavors of the station, focused on extending product life and allowing for consumption of harvested crops beyond their growing seasons.

Under the supervision of Igbokwe, the station has seen accomplishments in plant and soil sciences such as cultural practices, fertilizer trials, and cultivar evaluations. They have also been successful experimenting with waterleaf in animal nutrition, creating the Alcorn hot pepper sauce, muscadine and blueberry wine, and meat and fish seasoning to name a few.

For more information, contact Dr. Patrick Igbokwe, Experiment Station director, at (601) 877-2311.

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