Alcorn celebrates 71st Biannual Honors Convocation

Alcorn State University students, faculty and staff congregated to celebrate the academic achievements of its exceptional scholar students.

The 71sth Honors Convocation was held Thursday, March 26 in the Oakland Memorial Chapel to acknowledge students whose dedication to their studies earned them the titles of dean’s and president’s scholars. The celebration honored 113 president’s scholars and 328 dean’s scholars.

The featured speaker was Judge Carlton W. Reeves, a Yazoo City, Miss. native who was appointed by President Barack Obama to the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi in December 2010. Reeves graduated magna cum laude from Jackson State University in 1986,where her earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. He earned his law degree from the University of Virginia in 1989. Reeves delivered a powerful speech that praised the efforts of the students’ success as scholars.

“We’re here today to celebrate the honor students. You all are the result of the prayers of past generations. You are the evidence of the things they hoped for, but didn’t see. You are the fruit of the seed that were sowed by those freedom fighters."

Reeves reminded the scholars of the importance of not only staying consistent in their studies, but also living dignified lifestyles that others view as a model for their path.

“We hope that you cherish these honors, but we also want you to live honorably. What better way of living honorably than making your family, friends and yourself proud and being mindful of the future. Find your cause in the world so that when your name is called, people can easily associate you with contributing to the progress of this world.”

President Dr. Alfred Rankins Jr., who referred to Alcorn as a “little piece of heaven,” likened the academic strides of students in their classes to the physical progress of an athlete during practice. Dr. Rankins stressed that, just like athletes apply their practice skills in the big game, students would apply the knowledge they accumulate in college in the corporate world.

“In sports, it is often said the way you practice is the way you would perform in the game,” said Rankins. “When you put forth the effort in practice, that effort will translate into success on the field. Just like sports, the time that you spend here at Alcorn is your practice. Game time starts when you graduate and enter the workforce. Giving maximum effort in the classroom and managing your time wisely will lead to success in the workforce and life.”

The student scholars felt a sense of accomplishment after they received their honors awards. Senior and business administration major Shankeya Cobbins, who was on the president’s scholar list, reflected on the hard work it took for her to reach this goal.

“I feel really good about the honor. I’ve been working really hard towards this achievement. Receiving this honor made me feel like this experience was worth wild,” said Cobbins.

Freshman, biochemistry major and dean’s scholar Amelia Thompson showed pride in the achievement she earned during her freshman year of college. She said that her accomplishment would motivate her in her pursuit of a perfect grade point average.

“I feel very honored and proud of myself for achieving this award during my first year at Alcorn,” said Thompson. “This gives me the confidence to push forward and reach my goal of being on the president’s list."

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