Adrian McClain voted 2015-2016 SGA President

Adrian McLain is no stranger to holding leadership positions at Alcorn State University. The political science/pre-law major has served as sophomore and junior class president on the Student Government Association (SGA) committee for the last two years. Ironically, being at the helm of Alcorn’s most esteemed student driven organization never crossed his mind.

“It’s a surreal feeling,” said McClain. “Before I decided to run for the position, I never imagined that I would actually put myself out there. It is truly a humbling experience and I am thankful for it.”

The Alcorn State University student body voted Memphis, Tenn. native Adrian McLain as their 2015-2016 SGA president Tuesday, March 24 in the Campus Union Ballroom. McLain is the 89th SGA president in Alcorn’s history. He will take on the task of being an ambassador for the student body, administration and alumni. He will also serve and represent Alcorn students at various college committee meetings, manage delegated tasks for different programs, and execute the provisions of the SGA constitution.

Encouragement from McLain’s peers is what gave him the gumption to pursue the position. Now that he’s officially voted in, he plans to be an exemplary leader for his fellow Alcornites.

“Other people pushed me to run for the position. Their inspiration gave me the drive to not only go for the position for myself, but for my peers as well.”

During his tenure on the SGA committee, McLain noticed several issues that he felt needed addressing. One of those issues that he has added to his to-do list is reaching out to youth in surrounding communities with the intent of motivating them to reach their potential.

“I would like to start a mentoring program for our community. Claiborne County and Jefferson County are two of the poorest counties in the nation. Because we have Alcorn right between those counties, there is no reason for our communities to be suffering. I would like to go into our communities more so that we can bring people to Alcorn in order to help them.”

Under his reign, McLain envisions a community of Alcornites who are more active on campus while forming stronger bonds with each other.

“My vision is to get more people involved in different activities. I want students to know that you don’t just have to be a student, but you can be involved in different organizations. I want the Alcorn community to come together and become more of a family.”

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