Alcorn’s Health and Disability Services relocates to Rowan Hall

Alcorn State University’s Health and Disability Services have found a new home on campus.

Known to the Alcorn community as The Infirmary, the campus Health and Disability Services have relocated to Rowan Hall next to the E. E. Simmons Gymnasium. The move took place Monday, April 6th. The new location has more space, including five rooms for patients, as opposed to only two rooms in the old building.

Alcorn’s Health and Disability Services provide urgent care treatments for non-life threatening medical conditions, minor illnesses, and injuries. They are able to provide screenings and testing that are offered by local healthcare facilities, reducing the need of referring students to off-campus sites. Academic and residential accommodations for students with documented disabilities are also provided. Appointments are not required to receive services.

Director of Health & Disability Services and Registered Nurse Dorothy J. Davis explained the reasoning behind their move.

“We wanted to upgrade and expand our delivery of services,” said Davis. “The previous facility was outdated and needed improvements. We are geared toward meeting the modern technological needs of our campus community.”

Davis feels the new location will make visits easier for students, faculty and staff.

“We are now located within the heart of campus, which makes us more accessible. We have an upgraded facility and equipment that will allow us to provide a higher quality of care for the Alcorn community.”

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