Alcorn welcomes Dr. Christopher Gilmer as Director of Online Education at the Vicksburg Expansion Center

A new leader is at the helm at Alcorn State University’s Vicksburg campus.

Dr. Christopher Gilmer, a Forest, Mississippi native, is the new Director of Online Education at Alcorn’s Vicksburg Expansion Center. Gilmer earned a doctorate degree in English with an emphasis in writing from the University of Southern Mississippi. He earned his master’s degree from Mississippi College. Gilmer also earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Prior to his new role at Alcorn, Gilmer was an academic coordinator and core professor of English at Walden University. He has also taught at Jackson State University, Mississippi State University and Tougaloo College where he chaired the Department of English.

Gilmer, who had ties to Alcorn prior to accepting his new position, speaks highly of his new co-workers and the University.

“I consider it a real honor to work here,” said Gilmer. “I have been privileged to work as a consultant in online education for Alcorn for the past two years and have had a chance to experience first-hand the dedication of the faculty, staff, and administration to providing a high quality education for all students. I share Alcorn’s commitment to making education a reality for all students.”

Thanks to the promotion of an Alcorn alumnus, Gilmer developed a high regard for the University.

“I had an early role model, coach James Clark, who later became an alderman in the City of Forest. He is as devoted to Alcorn as can be. He spoke so fondly and proudly of Alcorn to a whole generation of students that we all developed an appreciation for what a special place Alcorn is.”

When Gilmer got the call from Alcorn, he was preparing to take another position in another state. Although he said that opportunity looked promising, providing his home state with his services and being near his loved ones made him stay.

“When I got the job at Alcorn, I was literally three days away from leaving for a job offer in Alaska. I was honored about the new adventure, but my entire family and all of my friends are here in Mississippi. I feel a real responsibility to give something back to the people and the state that have given me so much. The job at Alcorn made it possible for me to do the work I want to do in a state with the people I love.”

Gilmer plans to continue the success of the Vicksburg campus.

“Our goal is for the Vicksburg campus to continue being responsive to the needs of the community. We hope the Vicksburg campus will further define itself as a viable and desirable higher education option for this entire area of the state.”

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