Recent Ag Graduate Gives Back, Motivates Students

On October 14, 2015, a recent graduate of Alcorn State University School of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences, Marcus Griffin ’13, paid a visit to his alma mater and met with students enrolled in the Department of Agriculture.

Upon graduating from Alcorn, Griffin joined USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service as soil conservationist in Stockton, Kansas.

He said, “I have been employed by USDA/NRSC full-time for two years and interned with them while still being a student. Internships are very important as they give an opportunity for both students and employers to see if they are a good match.”

Griffin talked with the students about different careers they can pursue in agriculture and explained what it takes to become employed with USDA.

“I love coming to Alcorn to give back and motivate the students to keep up the good work and graduate. I was in their shoes two years ago, and I know that it gets hard sometimes, and you do need that push from someone to get you on the right track.”

Darryl Jones, a junior majoring in agronomy, agreed with Griffin and added, “We enjoyed meeting with Marcus and hearing about his personal experiences and background. Marcus gave us his contact information and offered help. He said that if he did it, we can do it too!”

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