Congratulations to the recipients of the Dean’s Mini-Grant Program


Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Yufeng Zheng, Dr. Frank Mrema, and Mr. Viswanadha Soma Sekhar Vegi, the recipients of the Dean’s Mini-Grants Program. The funded proposals funded are:

  • Dr. Yufeng Zheng, associate professor, Department of Advanced Technologies, was awarded $6,800 for his project titled, “A Product Prototype of Face Recognition Using Raspberry Pi;”
  • Dr. Frank Mrema, forestry and mycology specialist, Department of Agriculture, was awarded $9,939 for his project, “Engaging Small Farm and Woodland Owners in New Specialty Crop in Southwest Mississippi: Sustainable Shiitake and Oyster Mushroom Cultivation;” and
  • Viswanadha Soma Sekhar Vegi, graduate student, Department of Advanced Technologies, was awarded $5,000 to support his project, “Computational Estimation of Doses at Selected Locations and Evaluation of Radiation Transfer Factor (TF) from Soils to Edible Parts of Farm Products in Claiborne County.”

As you know, the Dean’s Mini-Grants Program is an initiative to enhance research and outreach in the School of Agriculture, Research, Extension and Applied Sciences. Let us take advantage of grant opportunities; be motivated by the success of our fellow colleagues; and seek excellence in all that we do. I encourage you to continue with your worthy research efforts.

Dr. Andra D. Johnson

Assistant Director of Research

Alcorn State University

School of AREAS

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Lorman, MS 39096-7500

601-877-6537 (office)

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