Honors Student Organization thanks Dr. Wandra Arrington for her dedication

Alcorn State University’s campus is littered with fantastic leaders. According to the students in the Honors Student Organization (HSO), Assistant Director of Alcorn’s Honors Program Dr. Wandra Arrington is in that class of leaders.

The students spoke highly of Arrington for her leadership, motivation and commitment to making their college experience one to remember.

“Dr. Arrington is a woman who is dedicated to providing a plethora of opportunities for students on this campus,” said senior Ambria Scott. “She creates gateways for students to network, share research with other students and be active in the community by volunteering. She is adamant about pushing students to reach their full potential. Her goal is to make sure students have every opportunity possible for the advancement of their education. She has done an amazing job at instilling skills in students that help to build well rounded leaders.”

Destiny Crockett, a sophomore studying agriculture and environmental science, considers Arrington as a mom away from home. She appreciates the love that Arrington shows her and the other students in the organization.

“Dr. Arrington has been beneficial to me during my college years here at Alcorn State University,” said Destiny. “I consider her to be my mother away from home. She treats all the students and me as if we are her children. Under her leadership, I have grown socially, academically and mentally. I can definitely say I am not the same young lady I once was thanks to Dr. Arrington. She has gone and continues to go above and beyond for her students. I really admire her for being an esteemed educator.”

Marissa Jones, a senior majoring in English literature, admires Arrington for her kindness.

“When I first met Dr. Arrington, I thought that she was the sweetest and most helpful instructor on campus,” said Marissa. “Even with all she does on campus, she still has time to do community service as well as give guidance to students. Dr. Arrington has been nothing but welcoming since the day I met her. She has even helped me narrow down my decision in choosing a graduate school. Her genuineness, kindness and concern should be noticed.”

Kenisha Smith, a senior majoring in mathematics, said that Arrington represents Alcorn well by displaying exceptional customer service.

“Dr. Arrington is a woman I look up to because every time we meet, she is eager to help students,” said Kenisha. “She stands out above the rest. She shows her love for Alcorn and its students by giving her all at every moment. She exemplifies all that Alcorn is about with outstanding service, knowledgeable scholarship, and most of all, dignity.”

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