Ryan Martin speaks on culture and progress with new podcast

At some point in everyone’s existence, life tends to throw curve balls that could derail our plans and deflate our drive to press on. When that happens, an encouraging word could be all that is needed to reboot one’s confidence in pursuing their dreams. Port Gibson, Mississippi native Ryan Martin, an Alcorn State University alumnus and the mastermind behind his new radio show, The Ryan Hustler Podcast, is here to motivate people to accomplish their dreams while entertaining them with sophisticated interviews.

“The sole purpose of the podcast is to inform, inspire and entertain,” said Martin, who served as Alcorn’s Student Government Association president in the 2009-2010 school year. “I want my listeners to feel equipped to follow their passions in life after listening to my show.”

On the podcast, which was launched March 2 and airs every Wednesday at 10 a.m. at www.ryanhustler.com, Martin speaks on topics such as business, entertainment, cultural issues and the African-American community. One of his guests was Jerrilyn “Tiny” Lake, a fellow Alcornite and rising singer/actress. The podcast is a traveling series that is based in Jackson, Mississippi.

Martin had a brief stint as a schoolteacher in the Jackson area before making the leap into journalism and entrepreneurship. He was inspired to make the transition after honing his skills in management.

“I taught school for two years in which I was able to learn a lot about leadership and business through having to manage a classroom. Developing those skills inspired me to put my new skills into a business model.”

The podcast is a product of Martin’s production company, “The Ascension Company,” also known as ACE. The company was established as an entertainment and media company in 2013. Martin, through his company, has produced Mississippi Fashion Week and the Mississippi Fashion Awards. Between managing the company and preparing for the podcast, Martin understands the hard work that goes into completing the final product.

“Producing a podcast is a very meticulous task that requires a lot of research and focus. It’s very important for me to understand the back-story and journey of the person I’m interviewing. I also have to be informed on all cultural topics that may impact their field.”

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