Freddie Kency Jr. selected as education committee co-vice chair of American Academy of Emergency Medicine/Residency Student Association at UMMC

As a child, growing up and becoming a doctor was all that Alcorn State University alumnus and Jackson, Mississippi native Dr. Freddie Kency Jr. would talk about. He made a bold proclamation to his mother during his early years.

“I have wanted to be a physician since I can remember,” said Kency, who earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Alcorn in 2007. “When I was a child, I would always tell my mom that I was going to be the first doctor in my family.”

Kency kept the promise he made to his mother. He is now in the second year of his Emergency Medicine Residency at The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. His hard work led to his recent selection as the education committee co-vice chair of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine/Residency Student Association at UMMC. In his new capacity, he will join others in an attempt to advance career development through mentorship, networking and leadership opportunities.

Kency was among a number of applicants who sought after the position. As he reflects on the things he’s accomplished in the medical field, he is proud of his ability to reach his goals while maintaining a balance in other aspects of his life.

“It was pretty exciting news. The position had many applicants and to be chosen was very breathtaking. I have always pushed myself to the fullest. Becoming a physician and achieving this milestone in my life, along with having my family with me the entire time, has been unbelievable.”

Prior to his current position, Kency completed a Navy tour after completing a transitional medicine internship at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. During the tour, he was the senior medical professional. His job was to organize medical care across Djibouti, Africa, Rota, Spain, Bahrain, Guam and Gulfport. His experience in other countries has inspired him to serve more impoverished countries later in his medical career.

“Seeing what others go through in other countries has truly touched me. I was able to see how people in third world countries really lived. I volunteered at a health clinic where the people lacked basic health care necessities such as antibiotics, syringes, IV fluids and bandages. The experience has motivated me even more to do humanitarian medical work in the future.”

Kency is eager to encourage other students to become more interested in the medical field. He also plans to use his new position to motivate students from Mississippi to practice medicine in the state.

“I look forward to going to the assemblies and inspiring medical students to pursue a career in emergency medicine or medical education. Producing more physicians is the backbone of improving health care, especially producing physicians that will stay in our home state of Mississippi after they have completed all of their training, which is what I plan to do.”

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