Torria Powell gets familiar with global issues at University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Vietnam

Alcorn State University junior Torria Powell spent a week of her summer learning about a number of global issues.

Torria attended the University Scholars Leadership Symposium during the week of Aug. 1-7 in Hanoi, Vietnam. She was one of the student delegates from more than 60 countries that attended the symposium to discuss dire issues around the world.

The experience was one that Torria will always remember. Visiting another country and witnessing the hardships they face made her feel grateful for what she has.

“I loved the experience because it was very different for me,” said Torria, a Hattiesburg, Mississippi native. “Going to a third world country and seeing the impoverished conditions that those people live in make me want to do humanitarian work.”

Torria said that participating in the symposium was eye opening for her. The political science major was inspired to focus on global humanitarian work after she graduates.

“The experience made me see things differently. When I’m done at Alcorn, I would like to get involve in global human rights so that I can help others who are not as privileged as I am.”

Officials of the conference urged Torria and the other students to be the group that enforces change.

“The main thing that they stressed is that we can make a change, no matter what the circumstances are. You may not have all of the resources you need, but if you tell your story, then people will be willing to help you.”

Torria plans to study international law at the Stanford University or New York University after graduating from Alcorn in 2018.

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