Marlanda Grandberry begins teaching career in Wisconsin

Wisconsin native Marlanda Grandberry was attending a picnic with her younger brother at her former elementary school when an opportunity to join the Kings Academy Christian School’s faculty was presented to her.

“The principal of the school approached me and asked about the degree I had earned,” said Grandberry, who earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Alcorn State University in May. “When I told her that I majored in biology/health science, she told me that they were looking to hire a science teacher and I should apply. The job just fell in my lap.”

Grandberry took the offer and will begin her teaching career at the school in September. She will teach middle school biology and other science courses in grades 5-8. She credits the education she received at Alcorn for preparing her to take on her new role.

“I’m excited to start a career in teaching. Alcorn gave me a great foundation, and that gives me confidence in my ability to teach scientific concepts to my students.”

One of the contributing factors to Grandberry’s pursuit of a teaching career was the opportunity to give back to the community that helped raise her.

“I want to give back to the community that I came from. When I started at Kings Academy as a student, there were only five students in my class. So it means a lot to see that the school has grown over the years. I want to show the students that people that attended this school can grow up an be successful.”

In her first year as a teacher, Grandberry is focused on instilling the love for science in her students.

“I really want them to understand science. I’m ready to teach them the foundation of science and prepare them for high school. The students want to learn more, so I plan to engage them in some hands-on, scientific projects. My goal is to encourage them to enjoy science.”

Grandberry plans to enroll in nursing school to pursue a career in the medical field in 2017. She also plans to be a staple in her community by working with the elderly and starting a girls mentoring group in the future.

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