Valerie Dean selected to represent Greenville in the 2017 Miss Mississippi Pageant

Valerie Dean has officially been selected to be the face of her hometown in the 2017 Miss Mississippi Pageant.

Valerie will represent Greenville, Mississippi in this year’s pageant, Oct. 27-29, at the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Back in April, she was chosen as a finalist for the contest.

The pageant will place Valerie in a position to be an example to those who look up to her. She plans to use this opportunity to show younger girls that hard work and faith are two factors that lead to success.

“It feels great to be the official representative for my hometown,” said Valerie, a nursing major at Alcorn State University. “I am able to represent so many people and motivate all of the little girls. I’m able to let them know that anything is possible. No matter where you come from or how little you have, if you have faith, anything is possible.”

The Miss Mississippi Pageant gives contestants a platform to advocate certain causes. Valerie said that she will use her platform to address issues in education and equal rights for all.

“Education and equality are two issues that I hold close to my heart. Encouraging others to gain an education is also a cause that I care about. Equality has always been an issue for minorities. We, as Americans, still haven’t gotten to the point of total equality. These are serious issues that I plan to shed light on.”

This is Valerie’s first time competing in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. She looks up to another first timer who won the crown back in 2008.

“I really look at Leah Laviano as a role model because her life prior to competing in the pageant is so relatable. She won the title even though it was her first time competing. Her accomplishment gives me hope of winning in my first time as well.”

Valerie hopes to represent her hometown and Alcorn with dignity and class during her pageant run.

“I am looking forward to looking into the audience and seeing my family cheering and supporting me. I hope to teach others what it means to have integrity and grace. I want to let others know what it means to stay true to who you are.”

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