Dr. Ruth Nichols graduates from the University of Central Arkansas’ Community Development Institute

After three years of training, Alcorn State University’s Dr. Ruth Nichols received credentials in community development training.

Nichols, who is the special assistant to the president for Community and Economic Development, was among 28 students who were awarded graduation certificates at the 30th annual Community Development Institute – Central at the University of Central Arkansas in August.

The Central Development Institute trains community leaders and economic development professionals on how to strengthen their local economies and build communities. Participants in the program are exposed to a comprehensive, applied approach to the field of community and economic development.

Nichols pursued the opportunity head on because she felt the need for Alcorn to dive deeper into helping communities thrive.

“When I decided to investigate this community development training, I felt a need and desire to learn more about how Alcorn could reach out to our communities,” said Nichols. “There’s a need for Alcorn to not only support the growth of our communities, but to also help them identify strengths and weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for individual and regional economic development.”

Nichols said that her strongest passion is to help our communities develop their workforce so that we may become more attractive to small and large businesses.

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