Residence Life hosts Breast Cancer Walk on campus

Staff members from Alcorn State University’s residence halls came together to raise awareness for breast cancer.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Alcorn’s Residence Life Area 1 took a walk for a cure around campus Saturday, Oct. 8 to honor women who have conquered and lost their battle with breast cancer. At the end of the walk, the participants gathered on the campus green and released pink balloons in honor of those who have battled the disease. Staff members from Complex D, Burrus and Robinson Hall participated in the activities.

Danielle Watson, a resident assistant at Complex D, said that some of her fellow resident assistants had experienced loved ones who suffered from breast cancer. She fells that shedding light on this issue is much needed on campus.

“So many families are affected by breast cancer,” said Danielle, a junior, music major. “Several members who walked for the cure have had relatives or friends who had to deal with the disease. I felt that raising awareness is a good cause.”

The residents gave away breast cancer pamphlets so that people can be more informed about the disease and its symptoms.

“We want people to know how to self check themselves for symptoms. The information we passed out is valuable because it informs you on how to detect a lump that could possibly be breast cancer.”

Danielle said that she was pleased with the event’s turnout. She hopes that Residence Life keeps the program going for years to come.

“The program was a success. I’m happy that the residents came out to support the cause. We had a big turnout, and I hope that this becomes an annual event.”

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