Peace Corps Representatives visit the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

The Peace Corps provided two sessions to students, faculty and chairpersons of the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences on October 25. The presenters were Stephanie Wade, regional outreach coordinator, and Melanie Felton, central regional diversity coordinator.

“Because of the faculty and chairpersons’ sincere efforts, 60 students attended the event,” according to Dr. Girish K. S. Panicker, associate professor and director of conservation research and coordinator of the event.

“During their service as Peace Corps volunteers in developing countries, our graduates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, motivation, cultural sensitivity, leadership, and commitment to service,” said Panicker. “These volunteers can contribute sustainable solutions to agricultural issues experienced by farm communities, and help preserve natural resources. Experienced volunteers will become international experts in agriculture, food science, forestry, animal husbandry, farm management, and agribusiness.”

The event was held in the Assembly Hall of the Jesse A. Morris, Sr., /W.C. Boykin Agricultural Science Building.

For more information on Peace Corps opportunities, visit For more information about this event, contact Dr. Girish Panicker at (601) 877-6598 or [email protected].