Alcorn’s Office of Pre-Professional and Honors Curriculum Programs hold Election Forum

Officials from counties adjacent to Alcorn State University visited campus to shed light on this year’s upcoming presidential election.

Politicians from Claiborne Warren, Jefferson and Adams counties explained the election process and the importance of voting at the Programs’ Election Forum Tuesday, Nov. 1 in the J. D. Boyd Library Auditorium.

Dr. Bernard Cotton, pre-law advisor, advised the students to use their right to vote to contribute to positive societal changes.

“We were very pleased to speak to the students at Alcorn,” said Cotton. “This election is one of the foundations of democracy. We call ourselves a self-governing country and if you are self governing, you must participate. If you don’t participate, you deprive yourself of your right.”

The Honorable Isadore Patrick, who is the presiding judge for Warren, Sharkey and Issaquena counties, encouraged students to take advantage of the rights that their ancestors fought for them to have.

“Students can affect elections in a major way,” said Patrick. “Your vote is really important and you can use your vote to have an impact on the election and in society. Our elections mean so much because people died for your right.”

Clarence Scutter, president of the Board of Aldermen in Claiborne County, encouraged the students to research the candidate’s background before choosing the right one for the job.

“Look at a person’s background when it comes to choosing a leader. You must hold people accountable for what they do while in office. Look at their skills and what they have to offer. It’s important that you know what a person can do to bring forth change. Look at their character. You should know something about the people running for office.”

Dr. Wandra Arrington, assistant director for the Honors Curriculum Program, was happy about the forum and the information that was passed to the students.

“The Election Forum was a way to encourage students that they can make a difference in their communities by voting to create laws that will help transform their communities,” said Arrington. “This will help educate, empower and engage individuals in a proactive matter.”

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