Mariah Batiest receives HBCU Title III Scholarship

A new scholarship is helping Alcorn State University sophomore Moriah Batiest further her education.

Moriah, a business administration major, was awarded the $1,000 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Title III Scholarship.

After applying for many scholarships in the past and not hearing any responses, Moriah didn’t expect to be awarded. She said that the notification of her award was a pleasant surprise.

“I was overwhelmed by receiving the scholarship because I never expected to be awarded,” said Moriah. “Usually when I apply for scholarships, I don’t receive them. So I am grateful for finally receiving a scholarship to help me along my college journey.”

Having the proper information to apply is key to pursuing and possibly earning scholarships. Moriah encourages other students to have their documents in order before submission.

“I suggest that students act upon any scholarship opportunities that they hear about. I also encourage my peers to make sure that their resume, letters of recommendations and personal statement are organized and free of any grammatical errors so that they can be prepared to submit quality information. It really helps when applying for scholarships.”

Moriah feels that scholarships are valuable assets that can play a significant role in the lives of college students.

“All of us want to further our education and accomplish more than our parents did, and I feel that scholarships provide the funds that would allow us to buy things that are necessary to our educational success. Scholarships also motivate us to continue the journey.”

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