Monique Mansfield and Toni Terrett present at the 25th annual Joint National Conference

One Alcorn State University senior spent last week becoming well versed in culture and displaying her research at a diversity conference.

Monique Mansfield, a Detroit, Michigan, native and Mass Communications Professor Toni Terret attended the 25th annual Joint National Conference Monday, Feb. 13 at the Westin Dallas Park Central Hotel in Dallas Texas. The conference was a joint venture between the National Association of African-American Studies, the National Association of Hispanic Studies, the National Association of Native American Studies and the International Association of Asian Studies.

The two presented a research slide show titled “Public Access to Police Bodycam Video,” where they shed light on the recent issues between police officers and African-American men.

Because of the eclectic crowd, Monique was able to learn about different people and their cultures. She said that the diversity was one of the best things about being at the conference.

“I had a really good experience at the conference,” said Monique. “It was so much diversity there because of all the different cultures of people who were present. I enjoyed mingling and learning from them and the topics they presented.”

Monique assures others that the conference was a way of revealing what the world has to offer outside of Alcorn. She also believes that her newfound knowledge will inspire future story ideas.

“The conference is helpful in exposing students from across the world to different topics. It shows us that there is a world of knowledge outside of Alcorn. Also, being able to network with such a diverse crowd gave me ideas about possible news stories that I would like to write about the future.”

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