Ariyana Davis chooses Alcorn over 23 other schools

Alcorn State University is often applauded for the bond that its community shares. The strong alliance between Alcornites attracts others to further their education at the University. This is the case for Ariyana Davis, a Chicago, Illinois native and senior at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School who chose Alcorn over 23 other colleges.

“What made me choose to further my education at Alcorn is the family oriented environment, close-knit community and the opportunities the University will provide for me,” said Ariyana, who plans to join the University’s Honors Program.

The resourceful teenager used the Common Black College Application to apply to 24 colleges. Of the 24, 23 of her acceptance letters came from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The other one came from Eastern Illinois University, a Predominantly White Institution (PWI). The Application allows students to apply to up to 50 colleges for $35.

“It was simple for me to apply to colleges this way because it was an easier process for me to apply to many schools at once.”

Aside from her numerous acceptance letters, Ariyana also received $300,000 in scholarship offers. She is a recipient of Alcorn’s Provost Scholarship, which is awarded to enrolling freshmen with a composite ACT score of 24-27 or its equivalence on the SAT (1090-1240) and a 3.0 or better high school cumulative GPA. The scholarship is renewable each year provided the student maintains a 3.0 or above cumulative GPA. The scholarship also covers room, board, tuition and a $400 per semester book allowance.

“I feel excited and grateful to have received more than enough scholarship funds to pay for college because it is important for me to complete college in four years without any struggles.”

The numerous opportunities that lie at Alcorn also contributed to Ariyana’s decision. She credits her mentors for enlightening her about the University.

“My former youth group coordinator and two youth group members are currently attending Alcorn. When we had a discussion about different HBCUs, they all introduced me to the wonderful things that Alcorn has to offer.”

Ariyana, who plans to major in accounting, is eager to learn more about the field. She plans to do so while maintaining a social life and getting the full college experience.

“I am most looking forward to learning about my major and having the chance to meet new people by joining extracurricular activities, attending social events and experiencing new things.”

Attending an HBCU has always been a priority for Ariyana.

“I planned to attend an HBCU since the beginning of my freshman year because it has always been important for me to attend an institution that felt like home.”

Ariyana encourages her peers to start early in researching their colleges of interest. She also advises them to take the ACT test until they are satisfied with their score.

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