“Martin” themed campaign video helps Shemesha Martin become Miss Senior 2017-2018

Students vying for Student Government Association positions at Alcorn State University tend to be very creative with their campaign announcements. Dozens of flyers encouraging their peers to vote for them can be seen anywhere from the campus green to elevators in the University’s buildings. Shemesha Martin, a Goodman, Mississippi native and newly crowned Miss Senior 2017-2018, took her campaign pitch to the next level with a video that was inspired by the popular 90s sitcom, “Martin.”

“My campaign manager, Shaquana Sardin, came up with the idea to do a campaign video with the show’s introduction,” said Shemesha, a biology/pre-dentistry major. “I thought it was a great idea because I really like the show. So from there, I used the name of the show’s radio station, WZUP, as an acronym for my campaign slogan, which is Working Zestfully Unto Progression. That’s the purpose of my campaign.”

The video, which features Shemesha’s friend, Jacobi Holt on the vocals, gained instant popularity on social media. She was even featured on the Huffington Post’s website. She said that the reactions from her friends and family were priceless.

“It feels good to know that a lot of people liked it and was interested in it enough to share it on social media. There were so many positive reactions to the video. I didn’t see any negative reactions.”

Now that Shemesha has assumed her position, she’s looking forward to planning events that she believes the student body would enjoy and appreciate.

“I want to get the student body involved in planning campus activities by forming and passing out surveys. That way, I can see what the students are most interested in. I would also like to motivate graduating seniors by bringing life coaches on campus to give advice on finding jobs and making money after college.”

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