Robert Tatum and Moriah Batiest look forward to leading the 2017-2018 junior class

Alcorn State University’s Junior Class President, Robert Tatum and Miss Junior, Moriah Batiest, plan to make the 2017-2018 academic year one to remember for the class of 2019. Robert and Moriah were elected April 4 as the new leaders of the upcoming junior class.

According to Robert, his biggest goal is to prepare the junior class for life after Alcorn by making them more marketable in their field of choice.

“As we enter our junior year, college becomes more about preparation for real world application. I plan to offer opportunities to the junior class to make them more marketable within the real world by encouraging internships, interview preparation forums and financial literacy symposiums. By becoming well rounded and prepared, we can become unified by the skills that we all possess,” said Robert.

Moriah would like her fellow junior classmates to become aware of the world, and to promote academic, physical, mental and spiritual needs.

“I want us, as a class, to go into our communities and give back. I believe we can make a positive impact on the youth, especially in our communities. Also, I want to implement programs and events that will not only be fun, but informative. My plans are to promote the academic, physical, mental and spiritual needs of the student body,” said Moriah.

Robert stated, “I plan to reemphasize the importance of education as a whole at the University and in the community. Secondly, I want to motivate my classmates to increase their participation in community service.”

According to Moriah, various activities held throughout the 2017-2018 school term will bring the class together.

“I want to make our junior year memorable by thinking outside of the box to bring new activities on campus. I look forward to working with the Student Government Association to make next year as fun and informative as possible.”

Robert said that becoming junior class president is something exciting and new.

“It feels absolutely surreal to have this position, and I thank everyone that voted for me. It's a great accomplishment that I am proud of, and I can't wait to get to work for my class.”

Moriah is also excited about the new tasks that are upon her for the 2017-2018 school year.

“To hold this position is definitely a humbling experience. It offers me the chance to be the voice that my class needs and to do everything in my power to bring student unity and change, not only on our campus but in our community.”

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