Lenorris Footman excels both on the field and in the classroom

Being the leader and quarterback for the Alcorn State University Braves football team can be a tough task. Besides enduring the grind of daily practices, one must also stay on top of their studies. Lenorris Footman, a criminal justice major from Monticello, Florida, has done an exceptional job at balancing the two.

“As an athlete, you have to make time to get your studying and homework done,” said Lenorris. “As a football player, I spend my days going back and forward between football practice, studying film, lifting weights and going to class. So once all of that is completed, I use my nights to study hard.”

Lenorris displayed his commitment to academic excellence when he made the highest score on the Department of Criminal Justice senior exit exam. The accomplishment shows that he’s just as diligent in his studies as he is in being a standout quarterback and leader of the Braves football team.

“I’m very proud of this accomplishment. It feels good to see my hard work in the classroom pay off. As an athlete, balancing sports and academics can be hard sometimes. So for me to earn the highest score on my exit exam shows me that I’m doings something right.”

Being a top student is a standard that Lenorris’ parents instilled in him. He credits them for fueling his drive to not only succeed in class, but to also succeed in other aspects of life.

“Throughout the years, my parents have been a huge influence. They’ve always encouraged me to take my education seriously. I’m also self-motivated. My goal is to always be the best at no matter what I’m doing.”

Staying focused on the task at hand is instrumental to Lenorris’ success at Alcorn. He said that setting goals to complete his priorities allows him to stay ahead of the curve.

“My approach to my studies isn’t different from my approach to football. I use the same focus that I use on the field to get my classwork done. I know that it’s my biggest priority, so I set a schedule so that I can complete my homework before the deadline.”

The future is bright for Lenorris. After completing his last year of eligibility on the football field in the upcoming season, he hopes to earn an opportunity to pursue a career as an NFL quarterback. And being as studious as he is, Lenorris said his backup plan includes using his degree to pursue a career as a sky marshal.

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