Annual STEM Summer Camps Exposes our Youth

Computer science, math, robotics, physics and technology.

These were topics introduced at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Camps held in June and July on the Lorman and Vicksburg campuses.

Sponsored by the Department of Advanced Technologies, youth entering grades 2-12 were exposed to educational, creative, and recreational activities that included cutting-edge topics and practical training in the areas STEM.

The STEM camps gave youth an opportunity to explore hands-on activities, including nuclear and radiation technology, geographic information systems, digital communication, electronics, and computer technology. The camps also allowed youth to participate in technology and engineering, and expose them to a variety of STEM programs they could pursue as a career.

In addition to an end-of-camp exit exam, a satisfaction survey was administered to both students and parents.

“Resoundingly, they were extremely pleased with the STEM camps, notably applauding the student engagement activities and how everyday items can be tied to STEM- related applications,” says Department of Advanced Technologies Instructor and STEM Camp Director Michael Atkins. “This summer, over 100 students attended our camps.”