Alcorn Extension and Living Word Worship Center to Host Living-Well Community Health Program

The Alcorn State University Extension Program will host a six-week community health program, August 24- September 28, at Living Word Worship Center, 8 Covington Road, Natchez, MS.

The program, co-hosted by the Extension Program and Living Word Worship Church, will meet every Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. Registration will begin Thursday, August 24 at 5:30 p.m.

“This particular initiative involves the establishment of a six-week community health program that would educate the participants on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, overall daily dietary needs through modification, various modalities of exercise, parenting tips, and discussions on how chronic illnesses, such as, diabetes and high blood pressure can affect ones overall health,” Expanded Food and Nutrition Program Coordinator Jarita Frazier said.

According to Frazier, the program is a new Extension Program initiative which will include topics on how to:

  • Promote greater quality family interaction;
  • Promote a greater awareness of health dietary behaviors;
  • Discuss the health benefits of home-cooked meals;
  • Encourage more fruits and vegetables intake; and
  • Discuss how overall health behaviors affects chronic Illnesses, such as, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Once the program ends, a follow-up with the participants will be conducted bi-weekly for three months. Data will also be collected to help participants keep track of their progress including, body mass indexes, weight, height, 24-hour account of foods consumed, and waist circumferences.

For more details, contact Frazier at 601-877-6128 or [email protected]