Students learn about international studies at Study Abroad Fair and Passport Drive

Alcorn State University’s Office of Global Programs hosted a Study Abroad Fair and Passport Drive Tuesday, Sept. 20 in the lobby of the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dinning Facility.

Students were able to visit the fair and find out about the opportunities offered in the Office of Global Programs. Dr. Dovi Alipoe, director of Global Programs, along with Peggi Wolfe, global classroom specialist, encouraged students who want to participate in study abroad programs to visit the Office for orientation and advising.

Alipoe emphasized why students should become aware of other cultures.

“The workplace today, and more so in the future, is diverse and multicultural. Students need to develop skills and be able to work effectively in multicultural teams. They need to be prepared to work on problems that transcend the boundaries of their local communities, state and nation,” said Alipoe.

Students were given pamphlets about study abroad programs, passport information and applications, information on Chinese language class and a sign in sheet, where students could sign up to find out about study abroad opportunities.

Students were also notified on where they can receive their passports and why they should consider studying abroad.

“Studying abroad gives numerous benefits to students. It allows them to develop broad international perspectives in their fields of study, and learn about the language, culture or society of a foreign country. Furthermore, it enhances their readiness for the job market, graduate or professional schools, if they choose to continue their studies,” said Alipoe.

For information about study abroad programs and passports, visit the Office of Global Programs, or contact by phone at (601) 877-6533.

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