Extension Hosts “Let’s Talk Spuds and Buds”

“Let’s Talk Spuds and Buds,” a Food Safety and Health and Wellness Program sponsored by the Alcorn State University Extension Program, was held September 28 at the Jefferson County Multi-Purpose Building in Fayette, Mississippi.

This event was held in recognition of September’s designation as both National Food Safety Month and National Potato Month.

The event offered knowledge of basic food safety practices as well as guidance on reading nutritional information from food labels. Jardana Brice, area family and consumer science educator, facilitated the event with assistance from program volunteers Deborah Tenner and Patricia Adams.

According to Brice, “This knowledge can help the public learn to fight foodborne illnesses and become more aware of the nutritional value of the foods they consume.”

During the event, the 20 participants learned the phrase “Cook, Clean, Separate, and Chill,” a model for food safety. Participants also observed a nutrition fact label to gain understanding of the nutritional value that potatoes offer the body and how eating sweet potatoes can help to fight diseases such as cancer. Proper cooking, storing, and curing practices for potatoes were also shared.

At the end of the workshop, participants visited with each other and shared in a healthy “Potato-Bar” lunch, which featured a baked potato, green salad, and a slice of sweet potato pie for dessert.

“With the knowledge gained, participants are equipped to more carefully handle foods that they eat and serve others,” Brice said. “They will also be more conscious of healthy and nutritious food choices.”

For more details, contact Brice at 601.786.3131 or [email protected].

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