Department of Human Sciences hosts Career and Counseling Session

On Oct. 26, the Department of Human Sciences hosted a Career and Counsel Session for students enrolled in the Child Development and Nutrition Programs.

According to Dr. Martha Ravola, interim chair and associate professor, Department of Human Sciences, “The program was hosted to provide our students with tools, tips and resources on career opportunities in their respective fields.”

Dr. Jill Dent, director of the Office of Early Childhood, MS Department of Education, was the keynote speaker.

During her remarks, Dent provided a landscape of the field of early childhood education both nationally and regionally. She also shared information on the obtaining of a teacher’s license, as well as options for alternate career pathways in early childhood education.

Dent stressed the unfortunate fact “There is a lack of pre-k teachers in the Mississippi school system.” She informed students of programs that would help them to study for the Praxis exam, which is required testing for new educators.

In order to provide students with an adequate overview of potential career paths, a panel discussion was held, featuring experts in a variety of career fields. Michael Trusclair, USDA 1890 Program Liaison, offered expertise on the USDA job market. Dr. Chuquan Zhang, assistant professor, Center for Biotechnology, discussed the vast area of food sciences. Anthony Reed, Director of Special Projects, was on-hand to speak about Cooperative Extension. Dr. Dent also offered expertise and answered questions related to child development.

The session closed with remarks from Dr. Ravola. She thanked those who attended and the speakers who participated.

Over 40 individuals, including faculty, staff, administrators and students, attended this event.

For more information, contact Ravola, at 601.877.4717 or [email protected].

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