Moriah Batiest, Robert Tatum elected 92nd Miss Alcorn, SGA President

Two familiar faces at Alcorn State University will lead their fellow students during the 2018-2019 school year.

Moriah Batiest, current Miss Junior, and Robert Tatum, current junior class president, were elected as the 92 Miss Alcorn State University and Student Government Association president Tuesday, March 27.

The new leaders of the student body are thrilled to take on their new roles. Both of them have a powerful connection with their fellow Alcornites, and they plan to serve them the best way possible.

"I am honored and elated to be the next Miss Alcorn State University," said Batiest. "I feel overwhelmed with emotion because my student body saw me fit for this position. Gaining this position has been a dream I have had since my freshman year, and I'm blessed that it has come true."

"Being elected the next SGA president gives me feelings of bliss and appreciation," said Tatum. "I love the student boy and thank them for their support. I have worked hard for the last three years to make an impact on campus, and I love that my peers acknowledged it."

SGA experience is what equipped Batiest and Tatum with the knowledge, skill, and courage they needed to pursue the titles. 

"My SGA positions taught me a lot and will allow me to decide how to handle different issues that may arise. Also, I want the students to have fun. We plan to be open to the ideas of the student body," said Batiest.

"Being in former SGA positions has allowed me to have great insight into how SGA should be run, what we can and cannot do, and how best to serve the student body. Also, the experience will prepare me to help new SGA members to figure out how to best portray themselves in their positions," said Tatum. 

Both students are committed to using their platform to enhance the student experience at Alcorn. Batiest is dedicated to motivating her peers to be the best they can be with her platform, while Tatum encourages everyone to come together for to ensure continued success at the University.

"I plan to use my platform to empower the student body and let them know that they have a voice and that we can work together to use it. I plan to push academic achievement and networking opportunities forward by encouraging students to remained determined no matter what obstacles they may face," said Batiest.

"I want to promote unity among students. We must have transparency in all parties, respect, stability, and tenacity. We have to take time to work together for the betterment of the university," said Tatum."

Now that they have solidified their positions, Batiest and Tatum are looking to the future and determining their goals for the student body and university.

"My goals include helping people, especially the students because I believe that is what my purpose is. I want to assist students in every way possible, and with the help of my team, we can solve them," said Batiest.

"I want to make sure that every student feels like they belong with diversified programming, interactive meditation, and an overall great representation of their voices. I want every student to feel like they matter, and that their problems are as important as the next person," said Tatum.