Jerome Myles takes home Best in Gospel Music Award

Gospel Music Director for WPRL 91.7 FM, Jerome Myles Sr. continues to bring light to Alcorn State University's radio station with his success in radio production.

Myles won the Best in Gospel Music Award at the 44th annual Jackson Music Awards Monday, July 30 at the Downtown Marriott in Jackson, Mississippi. The win was a proud moment for the Myles.

"It felt awesome to win the award," said Myles. "It is an honor to be applauded for your dedication to a craft that you have spent years working on."

Winning the award encourages Myles to keep striving for success.

"This motivates me to work harder and be the best that I can be. This award proves that hard work pays off. I will continue to put my best foot forward and deliver the best product possible."

Aside from bringing in awards, Myles continues to advertise Alcorn's WPRL 91.7 FM to surrounding areas. He hopes to attract more listeners through the promotion of the station. 

"My goal is to promote the station by organizing more community events, going to schools to inform students and others about the station, and doing all I can to increase our presence so that more people will tune in."

The station provides a learning environment where students aspiring careers in radio can come to hone their skills. Myles welcomes students to utilize the station for their betterment.

"We have a production room where students come and get hands-on training to learn the skills required for radio. It's a great start for future radio personalities."

For more information about Alcorn’s WPRL 91.7 FM radio station, call 601-877-6594.