Llettesha Sylvester gives voice lessons to students in Trinidad

A junior and music major from Alcorn State University recently returned to her home country in Trinidad to give vocal lessons to aspiring singers.

Llettesha Sylvester, alongside a team of music clinicians, visited the University of the Southern Caribbean Thursday, Oct. 4 through Monday, Oct. 8 to conduct the Vocal Master classes and Voice Lessons. The singers also performed at the grand concert during their stay.

The trip gave Sylvester the chance to reconnect with some familiar faces, some of which she coached prior to her time at Alcorn. She felt proud to see that her pupils were still striving to perfect their craft.

“It was great to be back home even though it was not a vacation,” said Sylvester. “Just being on home soil and interacting with familiar folks was beautiful. Before leaving Trinidad to come to Alcorn, I was employed as a music educator and vocal coach across the island. Coming home to see the students I had coached over the years and seeing them matriculate to university level truly warmed my heart.”

The musical clinicians provided a bevy of classes that included vocal technique, the importance of the breath for singers, diction and more. Sylvester is confident that their advice will push the students' talents to the next level.

“The lessons they received will definitely aid them in developing a working vocal technique ensuring that as they progress as vocal students, they will be constantly growing and strengthening their instruments leading to them becoming extraordinary performers or educators.”

The students entered the lessons with some musical experience, which made teaching a simpler task for Sylvester. She praised the students for their potential and enthusiasm. 

“The students I interacted with have a good foundation. It is always easier to work with individuals who have some semblance of a student foundation as well as a desire to further their talents. So having interacted with those students and having seen what they were able to produce, I would say that their potential is great.”

After giving lessons to the students, Sylvester and the musical clinicians put on a concert. Performing live is one of Sylvester’s passions.

“Performing for live audiences always gives me a thrill, as I understand that I am endowed with not only entertaining, but also fulfilling my duties as a storyteller, a mood lifter, and a work of art. It is a fulfillment of duties and an opportunity to have a good time expressing myself through song and sharing the moment with hundreds of hearts.”