Alcorn senior Keturah Bush becomes the first Alcorn student to land an internship with the Mississippi Legislative Budget Office

With her historic internship, an Alcorn State University student is setting a precedent for future students that aspire to pursue notable internships and careers in finance, accounting, and state government.

Keturah Bush, a senior accounting major from Leland, Mississippi, is the first Alcorn student to earn an internship with the Mississippi Legislative Budget Office (LBO) in Jackson, Mississippi. Bush will get hands-on experience in state budgeting and behind the scenes perspectives on preparing the balanced budget of expenses and income for various state agencies and programs. The three-month internship will run the majority of the 2020 session of the Mississippi legislature from January to April.

The Legislative Budget Office serves as the fiscal support agency for both the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) and the Mississippi Legislature. LBO assists the JLBC in the development of the Legislative Budget Recommendation and throughout the annual State budget cycle, as well as provides computer and technical support in the State Capitol.

After serving as a student worker in the ASU Foundation this past fall, securing the internship is momentous for Bush not only because of its historical significance but also because accounting is the perfect field for her. She is grateful to start her journey in the profession she loves.

“Being selected as the first Alcornite to earn this internship is truly a blessing,” said Bush. “Accounting is the best career match for my strengths. After extensive research, I chose this field because I knew that it was something I could enjoy doing every day.”

Some of Bush’s duties include reviewing existing programs, strategies, goals, and objectives as defined by operating agencies and examining budget request documents, performance metrics, and strategic plans.

Because of the constant discussions about Mississippi’s financial challenges, Bush is intrigued by how the state handles its budget. The internship will give her direct engagement with legislators and state agency heads along with insights into the state’s approach to managing fiscal matters.

“I am most excited to work alongside the legislative budget committee. Most people refer to Mississippi as a relatively poor state. I believe this internship will allow me to see firsthand the ins and outs of how funding is handled and distributed throughout the state.”

The accounting profession is a broad field with plenty of opportunities to explore. Being the aspiring accountant that Bush is, she anticipates displaying her range of skills and knowledge of multiple aspects of the field during her internship.

“Accounting has an extensive range of branches that allows a person to maneuver through different fields such as auditing, cost accounting, financial accounting, and much more. Some people think that by possessing an accounting degree, one is restricted to only one specific aspect of the field. I think this internship will allow me to learn valuable skills and showcase my versatility.”

Strong leadership and excellent teaching are what assure Bush of her post-graduate success. When she sets out on her journey, she is confident that progress will be inevitable because of the exceptional foundation she’s built at Alcorn.

“Alcorn has some of the best accounting professors. With the skills and knowledge they have instilled in me, they have given me the ability to perform greatly beyond the classroom.”