Lois Winn looks forward to attending law school in the fall

At the young age of 17, Lois Winn, a soon-to-be Alcorn State University graduate with an English Literature degree, found her passion for a legal career while shadowing one of her high school mentors in Jackson, Mississippi.

“I shadowed Attorney (now Judge) Katrina Gibbs in high school,” said Winn. “She inspired me to pursue a legal career. In college, I worked on real cases while interning for various local law firms. These experiences solidified my desire to become a lawyer one day.”

Winn’s desire and work ethic has paid off, as she will attend the University of California Hastings College of Law on a full scholarship during fall 2020. Winn felt a wealth of emotions upon receiving the news of her acceptance.

“When I got accepted into law school, I felt grateful, relieved, and nervous. I was relieved because the application process was hard, so when I was accepted, I was glad it was over. More than that, I was grateful for the generous scholarship I received. Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I would go to law school on a full scholarship. Now that my dreams have become a reality, I’m anxious for what is to come.”

Internships have provided Winn with several ideas of what career path to pursue within the field.

“I am most interested in a career in alternative dispute resolution. However, I recently completed an internship with a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives. I enjoyed the work so much that I eventually want to run for congress.”

The Office of Career Services and the Office of Pre-Professional and Honors Curriculum Programs played essential roles in Winn’s success by providing opportunities to network with professionals.

“I am thankful that the pre-professional office and career services office has the resources to help students succeed. Without these offices, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend professional conferences, network with law school admissions teams, or secure internships that helped me succeed later. They put on several events this year that helped students learn interview skills, how to present themselves professionally online and in person, and much more. Their invaluable information helped me secure multiple opportunities.”

As the culmination of her years at Alcorn approaches, she credits her experiences for preparing her for a bright future.

“I had an amazing time at Alcorn. I got to participate in clubs, work in the writing center, and learn from brilliant teachers and mentors. The education, life skills, and personal development that I gained these past four years has allowed me to get to this point and will allow me to succeed in the next phase of life.”