Samuel Brinkley, longtime facilities management manager, retires from Alcorn after 31 years

A tenured member of Alcorn State University’s Facilities Management team is calling it a career.

Samuel Brinkley retired from the University after 31 years of service. During his time at Alcorn, he served as a night shift manager. 

Brinkley said that he would cherish the years of service he dedicated to the University.

“My Alcorn experience is one to remember. Several individuals on campus have impacted me, and there are people who I’ve impacted as well.”

Leaving his career after three decades will take some adjustment for Brinkley. However, he’s still excited about what the future holds.

“Retirement will take some getting used to, but it feels awesome to be able to have the flexibility to move at my own pace. I feel blessed to have retired in good health.”

Working with his team to prepare for Alcorn events was one of Brinkley’s job highlights.

“I’ll miss being part of the team that prepares for major campus events such as game days, commencement, gatherings, and much more. Those events were held to honor Alcornites that were celebrating milestones and entertain past, present, and future Alcornites.”

Brinkley isn’t just leaving a career; he’s leaving a family. He said he will always cherish the relationships he’s built on campus during his tenure.

“I most enjoyed the family orientation on campus. I will miss serving Alcorn and will forever cherish the experiences I had and the relationships I build with others. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many people at Alcorn. Because of this network, I established a family that will never be forgotten.”

In retirement, Brinkley said he looks forward to enjoying simple pleasures such as working on his small farm, cooking, and enjoying his loved ones.