Senior Temiloluwa Akanni lands full-time position with Bank of America in New York

After an impressive display of skill during a summer internship, an accounting major from Alcorn State University has solidified her future with one of the world’s leading financial institutions after graduation.

Temiloluwa Akanni, a senior, scheduled to earn a bachelor’s degree in spring 2021, accepted a global market sales and trading analyst position at Bank of America in New York. Akanni will begin her tenure during the summer of 2021.

Interning with her future employer this summer was the experience that Akanni needed. The opportunity showed her the importance of adjusting in unpredictable situations and being a life-long learner.

“The internship made me realize that global markets are so much more than stocks and bonds,” said Akanni. “I learned from insightful, intelligent, and interesting people. Although my internship switched to a virtual platform, I am grateful to Bank of America for giving me the opportunity. My virtual internship experience taught me how to adapt to unpredictable situations and to embody learning as a lifestyle.”

Securing a career in accounting has always been Akanni’s professional destiny. She’s explored interests in other fields, but none of them gives her fulfillment like finance. She looks forward to the journey that awaits her.

“It feels empowering. I grew up with three languages in my home; English, Yoruba, and finance. As an accounting major, I never felt limited by my major, but I felt free to express my interest in the realms of finance, technology, music, and science. I found a true appreciation for all of these industries, and ultimately it led me to finance. I feel truly empowered to be an incoming Black woman on Wall Street. I never imagined myself in New York, but I am excited about this upcoming chapter in my life.”

The road leading to this accomplishment hasn’t been easy for Akanni. Despite the ups and downs, she’s grateful to have met her goal of starting a career immediately after graduation.

“It feels unreal. My journey has not been easy, as it has been filled with rejection, joy, delays, denials, self-doubt, delayed gratification, faith, personal growth, and triumph. Still, my path has been critical in building me into the young woman I am today. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As an international student, to have been offered a full-time job by a company that values its people, it feels awesome.”

Akanni anticipates a career where learning is constant. She expects to enter a job that will challenge her and teach her something new each day.

“I am looking forward to learning about a variety of securities. I believe finance is personal, and I’m looking forward to adding and creating value in my career. I am excited to meet and learn from other individuals. During my internship, I met many people who were genuinely interested in my success and made a conscious effort to support my growth. The beautiful thing about this career path is that there is always something new to learn.”

The ASU Foundation, Inc. is a resource for students seeking scholarships and funds for professional development. Akanni applauds the Foundation for their assistance, and she credits the office for providing resources that led to significant opportunities that will benefit her in the future.

“In my sophomore year, I joined the Forte Foundation and applied for their Fast Track to Finance Conference. I needed funds to attend the conference, so I got in touch with the ASU Foundation, and they reimbursed all of my expenses for the trip. The conference exposed me to women in finance, and I remember feeling empowered and confident about my decision to explore this field. During my junior year, the Foundation also made it possible for me to attend the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Detroit, Michigan. These opportunities introduced me to phenomenal men and women in the world of finance.”