Dr. Blanche Sanders and Danielle Terrell selected to the Mississippi Library Association Executive Board for 2021-2022

Two librarians from Alcorn State University’s J. D. Boyd Library have accepted positions that allow them to implement programs that will benefit the University and libraries across Mississippi.

Dr. Blanche Sanders, dean of University Libraries, and Danielle Terrell, director of the Natchez Library Learning Resource Center, have been selected to the Mississippi Library Association Executive Board for 2021-2022. Sanders will serve as chair of the MLA-Black Caucus Roundtable, while Terrell will serve as the section co-chair of the Academic Colleges and Research Libraries (ACRL).

During the annual Mississippi Library Association Conference, the Black Caucus Round Table hosts a luncheon to present a student with the Virgia Brocks-Shedd Heritage Award Scholarship.

Both librarians look forward to using their platforms to strengthen the staff and resources of Alcorn’s library.

“I plan to encourage the young staff members and student workers to consider attending library school and then come back to work for the J. D. Boyd Library,” said Sanders. “I plan to serve as an advocate for the advancement, promotion, and improvement of library services and programs. I will continue to advocate for the recruitment of African American librarians as we provide leadership within our communities and country.”

“I will share with the library faculty and staff the topics and trends that are happening in academic libraries and libraries around the state and set a plan to incorporate new ideas into our instruction and programming,” said Terrell. “Whether that is doing professional development workshops during library staff meetings or library advisory meetings.”

Encouraging the hiring of more minority librarians and introducing new programs are goals that Sanders and Terrell hope to accomplish.

“I hope to strengthen the bond of the MLA- Black Caucus Roundtable and bring more librarians of color to work at Mississippi libraries,” said Sanders.

“I hope to grow as an academic librarian as well as bring more academic librarians together so that we can learn from each other. I want to help bring innovative programs concerning libraries and student success back to the University and community,” said Terrell.

Sanders and Terrell advise aspiring librarians on how they can have a successful career.

“This is a field of endless possibilities,” said Sanders. “You get to teach on every subject or interact with people from all nationalities. Keep striving for excellence and learn to turn challenges into opportunities that will enhance your leadership growth and development.”

“I’d recommend new librarians to join the Mississippi Library Association, attend the conference, and see what it is all about,” said Terrell. “At the conference, you get knowledge of how a conference operates. Find a section or roundtable that speaks to you and volunteer to be a secretary or treasurer to learn how to plan and execute programmed events from start to finish.”