Student body elects Olecia James as the 95th Miss Alcorn State University

Students at Alcorn State University have selected their next campus queen.

Olecia James, a mass communications major and Cleveland, Mississippi native, was elected the University’s 95th Miss Alcorn State University Thursday, April 22. Her duties will include representing students at various events and meeting the needs of University matters. 

Her platform was based on increasing the awareness and involvement of different arts and cultures at Alcorn.

“I plan to push my platform and make sure that I bring experiences and events to Alcorn that are not known to our native descent. I want everyone to know that we are one and that everyone is included. In addition, I want to help students prepare for life outside of Alcorn,” said James.

James also desires to bridge the communication gap between alumni and students so that everyone is understood and heard.

“Another goal of mine is to represent this institution with grace, style, and poise so that people will be proud that I am a representation of this institution. I want to make the student body, faculty and staff, and alumni proud no matter where I go with the Alcorn lapel pin on my chest. I strive to do it with the utmost form and to its fullest potential.”

The election win is special for James after losing the Miss Sophomore race last year. She credits her faith for continuing her pursuit of a student body leadership position.

“This position and being elected is important to me because I ran for Miss Sophomore at Alcorn and didn’t get elected. This accomplishment is big for me in a spiritual sense because I had to trust God. And now, I am the 95th Miss Alcorn elect. This election is a significant achievement.”

James expressed sincere gratitude towards the students who helped campaign for and voted for her.

“To the individuals that elected me, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you so much. Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and electing me into such a position. I promise I will do the best I can to uphold this title and the legacy it has upheld for years. I strive to exceed the expectations.”