Jimmy Jones gets a glimpse into corporate side of agriculture with summer internship at Cargill

One of Alcorn State University’s students from the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences is spending summer break learning about the beef industry during an internship.

Jimmy Jones, an agriculture/plant and soil science major, landed an internship with Cargill Friona’s beef plant in Friona, Texas. Cargill Friona is one of four Cargill U.S.-fed beef cattle processing plants in the country. The others are in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Beef from Friona is shipped throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Securing the internship gives Jones a head start in his pursuit of an agriculture career.

“I feel blessed to have an opportunity to expand my knowledge in beef agriculture on a corporate level,” said Jones. "My experience has been amazing so far."

Getting accustomed to new surroundings is one of Jones’s many highlights from the internship so far. He's also enjoyed meeting new people.

“The best thing about my internship is its location. I’ve always wanted to visit Texas. Seeing how people are living here captures my interest. I’ve met people from all walks of life. I’ve even experienced their cultures and histories. I’m very friendly, so engaging with new and interesting people is something I enjoy. Of course, I love home, but it’s nice to see how people live and operate in other cities around the country.”

The opportunity exposes Jones to the many career options that could be available to him in the future.

“This internship allows me to see agriculture in a different light. There are so many aspects of agriculture that are looking for students like me to be future professionals. I believe this experience is preparing me to apply for some of the best jobs in the field.”

Jones’s internship experience is going well because of the preparation he’s received from Alcorn’s School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. He’s grateful to his professors for enhancing his knowledge.

“Alcorn has prepared me by teaching me how to perform in a leadership position. I credit my amazing professors for giving me the tools to succeed.”

Cargill has partnered with Alcorn for four years with over 20 students interned or hired. The company will also donate more than $1 million to Alcorn as part of its thrive program, a part of Cargill’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.