Kimberly Morgan Myles returns to Alcorn as director for the Office of Alumni Affairs

Alcorn State University’s Office of Alumni Affairs is now under the direction of one of its most esteemed alumna.

Kimberly Morgan Myles, who served as Miss Alcorn State University 2004-2005, recently began her tenure as director for the Office of Alumni Affairs. Myles is known for being named Miss Mississippi in 2007 and being a Miss America finalist in 2008.

Myles previously served as an assistant professor of theatre at Tougaloo College for eight years. She also served as an adjunct professor at Jackson State University for seven years and was a consultant for Jackson State’s Engagement activities in 2014, 2015, and 2019.

Coming back to serve the University is an honor for Myles. Accepting her new role is her way of paying it forward to the University that provided her foundation for achievement.

“I am reminded by Steve Jobs’s admonition, ‘To do great work, you have to love and believe in what you are doing,’” said Myles. “I love and believe in this institution because it has afforded me so much. That’s why I’ve returned home to Alcorn State University.”

Marcus Ward, vice president for Institutional Advancement and executive director for the ASU Foundation, Inc., welcomes Myles back to Alcorn. He praises her talent and believes she will be a key asset in the Office’s progression.

“We are excited to welcome Ms. Myles back home to the Alcorn family,” said Ward. “She is a natural fit for this role and will bring renewed energy, creative ideas, and a continued focus on developing true and lasting relationships and engagement with our alumni. This year is Alcorn’s 150th anniversary and we dare to succeed in building and sustaining great alumni relations for the University’s future.”

Myles’s pursuit of this role was inspired by her desire to bring her skill set to her alma mater.

“I am inspired by the opportunity to bring diverse perspectives, talents, and skills to help propel the Alcorn alumni experience to higher heights. As an experienced higher education professional, I have learned the sustaining power and influence of a healthy alumni experience on the life of an institution. I’m confident and inspired by this opportunity to work closely with alumni to make a difference.”

The first step for Myles in her new role is engagement. She believes getting familiar with alumni will position her to execute her plans of action.

“My primary goal is to engage alumni, students, and affiliated entities in all aspects of Alcorn. I plan to marshal resources to develop and execute a unified agenda for alumni engagement and services based on measurable goals, objectives, tactics, and outcomes. I hope to identify, recruit, develop, and grow a base of alumni volunteers to support the University's mission, goals, and priorities.”

Alumni play a significant role in the University’s success. Myles hopes to foster a relationship with Alcornites that would accelerate the University’s progress.

“The success of the University is dependent on a strong and healthy relationship with its alumni. Our team will be focused on moving the University’s strategic plan forward to improve the overall alumni experience. We plan to build a strong database, implement pre-alumni programs, and collaborate with Alcorn’s National Alumni Association for long-term and meaningful relationships. We will achieve great and measurable outcomes for the success of the University.”

This position allows Myles to support the University that acted as a springboard to her success. She is motivated and eager to represent the University’s faithful alumni to the fullest.

“In essence, all that I am and ever hope to be I owe to God, my family, and Alcorn. So many mentors, professors, alumni, past presidents, and experiences at Alcorn have impacted my entire being. I see Alcorn as competitive, prestigious, and as world-class in academics as Ivy League schools. The Alcorn alumni experience will be recognized as world renowned and thriving for another incredible and historic 150 years.”