Dr. Eric Dogini named this year's Mississippi Humanities Teacher of the Year

An instructor representing Alcorn State University's School of Arts and Sciences was named this year's Teacher of the Year. The annual award from the Mississippi Humanities Council promotes the field of humanities throughout the state.

Dr. Eric Dogini, a professor in the Department of Mass Communications, will be recognized on March 25 at the Two Mississippi Museums in Jackson.

On Feb. 2, he presented his lecture, "The Sound: Analog vs. Digital Audio and How Microphones Work for Broadcast Journalists."

Dogini showcased how sound is the most fundamental building block of music, radio, television, and film in his lecture. He explained how microphones work for journalists and the basics of sound transmission.

"Sound is king when it comes to video and multimedia," said Dogini. "Images enhance the story, but it is the sound that is vital to understanding. If you turn off the sound and only watch the images, the piece won't hold your interest for long. The sound provides the narrative, which is the plot that drives the story."

The award assures Dogini that his dedication to excellence was not in vain.

"Being nominated for this award made me feel that I have challenged myself and mass communications students. This award challenges me to maintain a high standard and expectation for mass communications students, regardless of their backgrounds. I appreciate the opportunity to extend teaching and learning opportunities beyond the classroom."

His fellow faculty members' acknowledgment motivates Dogini to further challenge himself and his students to reach new heights.

"Any expressions of gratitude and recognition of your hard work by your peers is always highly appreciated. Their recognition promotes stronger social bonds with colleagues and boosts motivation and engagement. It also conveys an important message that the faculty is a valued contributor to the department, School of Arts and Sciences, and the University. The compliments from my colleagues encourage me to keep working hard."