Theophilis Brefo navigates his new path toward Wall Street after graduation

Kumasi, Ghana native, Theophilis Brefo, traveled thousands of miles from his hometown to make his dream a reality. Being an introvert, he had to adapt to a new environment and culture, amongst many other factors that he crossed. Because he was courageous enough to leave his comfort zone, Brefo will begin his career as a banking analyst in Credit Sussie’s Wall Street Office in New York City following his graduation in May.

“It feels like telling my 10-year old self that had this dream of going into this field that he has finally made it,” said Brefo.

Credit Sussie delivers holistic financial solutions to clients including innovative products and specially tailored advice. The company recognizes and rewards extraordinary performance among its employees, provides wide-ranging training and development opportunties, and benefits from a diverse range of perspectives to create value for clients, shareholders, and communities.

Brefo’s drive for joining the field of finance dates years back to when Ghana was being affected by a banking crisis that significantly impacted businesses.

“My mom and uncle were really hit hard, and I wished I had the solution for these problems at hand. This crisis strengthened my 10-year old self's passion for becoming a banker to eschew such predicaments from happening in the future,” said Brefo.

Wall Street is the gateway for opportunities and a safe haven for accounting and finance students as Silicon Valley is for tech enthusiasts. Working on Wall Street will burgeon Brefo’s career and allow him to make an impact on businesses and the lives of individuals who benefit from these businesses.

“Everyone wants opportunities but getting there becomes a challenge. Also, being an international student made it even harder because I had to go the extra mile to prove that I was worth the shot. That level of diligence and determination paid off,” said Brefo.

Alcorn has held a major position in Brefo’s steps to success. Being acclimated to a new bridge of surroundings, Brefo has gained a lot of experiences that he will take with him to the next level.

“Being in an institution that pushes people to aspire, break boundaries and achieve greater heights is a package Alcorn guarantee its students. Alcorn’s structured curriculum, indisputable professors and amazing facilities like the library and career centers, beefed up my educational growth. Also, the social experiences like the homecoming activities, multicultural programs, Alcorn games, and even parties, nourished my personality,” said Brefo.